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Some years ago, Israeli bassist J. C. Jones started with the Deep Tones For Peace
transatlantic initiative, which resulted in a first album and DVD in 2010, uniting bassists
from the USA, Europe and the Middle-East, for playing together from two locations in
New York and Jerusalem.

This album gives additional material from the performers in Jerusalem: Mark Dresser,
J. C. Jones, Irina-Kalina Goudeva, Bertram Turetzky and Barre Phillips, playing as a bass
quintet on three tracks, some duets between Dresser/Jones, Turetzky/Philips,
Goudeva/Turetzky, Phillips/Jones, and three solo pieces by Goudeva, Dresser and
Phillips. All tracks are free improvisations, with the exception of Goudeva’s solo, which
is a composition by Julia Tsenova.
“Menada” - for voice & double bass, by Julia Tsenova