.: ikana :.
Multimedia music theater performance

A holistic artwork, aimed at the creation of a new synthesis between theatre and audio medias.

This avant-garde one-woman show integrates contemporary acoustic and electro - acoustic music for double bass and voice, with visual effects,
theater and choreography - in interaction with paintings, sculptures and installations, created by the Danish artist Nes Lerpa.

The performance is about the mythological reincarnations of a soul as a woman and her evolutionary path.

Arriving on earth as a mythic snake, she transforms herself into the Goddess Menada.

After playing dangerously and arrogantly with love and life, she chooses to renounce her extraterrestrial power and connections with the “Other
Side”. She follows instead, the path of an “ordinary” woman in her wish to experience and learn from the spectrums and existential forms of
terrestrial life - in depth, in love and, sometimes tormenting duality.

Watch video here

Irina-Kalina Goudeva - voice, double bass, acting and dancing
Ejnar Kanding - live electronics, video projection
Nes Lerpa - paintings, sculptures, installations
Casper Øbro - live visual effects
Mikkel Jensen - light design
Carina Raffel - choreography
Menada” - for voice & double bass, by Julia Tsenova
My Beloved” - for voice & double bass, by Line Tjørnhøj, text/collage by Irina-Kalina Goudeva from “Song of Songs
Vola” - for double bass and electronics, by Pierre Jodlowski
Gabai’m 3” - for voice & double bass, by Rachel Yatzkan, text Yehonadav Perlman
Motivi” - for double bass solo, by Emil Tabakov
Shadows In The Blood” - for voice, electronic and choreography, by Ejnar Kanding/Irina-Kalina Goudeva, text Pia Tafdrup
Recomenzar el Infinito” - for voice, double bass & electronics, by Ejnar Kanding
Arild” - for double bass and electronics, by Ejnar Kanding