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Quinteto del Fuego USA TOUR - New York, Philadelphia and Princeton, 21st - 27th of January 2017
Upcoming in Spring of 2017 is Quinteto del Fuego debut CD recording of masterpieces by Piazzolla on Affetto/Naxos.
Triptych - CD/DVD/Booklet - new release.

Co-production between Ikana Art Studio/Irina-Kalina Goudeva, GVRecords/George Vassilev and Kadima Collective/Jean Claude Jones.

It is consisting of sixteen pieces, eleven of which written especially for Irina-Kalina Goudeva by Julia Tsenova, Ejnar Kanding, Line Tørnhøj,
Morten Olsen, Jexper Holmen, Bo Jæger, as well as pieces from Edith Canat de Chizy, Pierre Jodlowski, Emil Tabakov and Astor Piazzolla.

Stylistically speaking, the music on the CD/DVD is in the aesthetics of avant-garde and contemporary accoustic and electro - acoustic experimental
music, also incorporating some ritualistic and spiritual elements.

Many of the presented new works explore a vast vocabulary of contemporary extended techniques (such as different timbral phonetics, multi-phonics, sub-harmonics, etc.).
Thus creating an innovative sonic and rhythmic language, our aim was to unite instrument and performer in a multidimensional whole.

The DVD will contain nine video clips and three live documentaries, presenting an inovative holistic approach to the synthesis between theatrical and audio medias, integrating the contemporary music pieces with visual effects, light design, theater aspects and choreography.

In the process of interaction between the different art forms, components traditionally belonging to music (such as resonance, sound, rhythm & harmony) are abstracted and transformed through visual imagery and light. Video design is combining composition and live processing, animation and modern painting.
In our holistic approach, we aimed to create an authentic and evocative presentation of the material.

The ART BOOKLET of thirty two pages contain detailed information about the presented pieces , the composers/creators as well as photographies and a collection of abstract pictures by Ewa Skowronska Slaw (www.skowronska-slaw.dk), who is also the designer of the booklet.

For more information on the project, including participants, program and audio & video extracts click here
Arild trio
My Beloved
New CD release by DACAPO,
premiered in June, 2013
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Multimedia performance to be premiered in 2014

The idea of “Be My Quiet Friend” is to create cross- esthetic multimedia spectacle - concert, which is a compilation of nine songs and four interludes,
all in interaction with live visual effects, theatrical aspects, choreography and light design.

The composer Morten Olsen created a music that in its outer (sonic characteristic, instrumentation, etc.) appear as rhythmic music, but on the internal
lines (harmony - metric - melody) uses compositional techniques from contemporary classical music, mixed with various forms of improvisation.

The expression is in focus and the text universe is absurd, spectral and poetic, written by the now sadly deceased composer Morten Skovgaard
Danielsen and Morten Olsen.

The performance will be experimenting with the fusion between different art forms in the rich and innovative musical and potentially theatrical context of
the given material.

All the nine songs (created for contralto, ensemble and electronics) will be presented/staged as a separate musical numbers/sketches, still related to each
other in an abstract script, where the storytelling is quite extravert, exploring powerfully and in depth different existential and emotional states.

The music and text will be revealing/expressing a large and nuanced spectrum of different types of moods, states of mind, reactions/behaviors, going
sometimes to extremes in terms of powerful confrontation of certain subjects and artistic dynamics.

Irina-Kalina Goudeva - vocal
Karl Husum - trumpet
Torben Snekkestad - saxophones
Morten Rasmussen - keyboards
Morten Olsen - guitar, computer
Kaspar Vadsholdt - bass
Jonas Johansen - drums
Casper Øbro - live video
all the songs are world premieres:
“The Tree Song“
“I’ll Make You Cry”
“I Wish You Were Here”
“Cold Reading Gently Stroke”
“Twisted Lulaby”
“All Alone In Heaven”
“Mental Proposal”
“Balistic Talent“
"Talk To Me"