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Multimedia Theater Performance
Irina-Kalina Goudeva - voice & double bass, acting and dancing
Ejnar Kanding - live processing electronics & video
“LAVARAYAHA” is a monospectacle - one can call it a “holistic artwork”, which integrates acoustic and electro-acoustic music for voice and double bass
with poetry, visual effects, theater aspects and choreography.

Stylistically speaking, the music of the show is in the aesthetics of avant-garde contemporary electro -acoustic experimental music, also
incorporating some ritualistic/spiritual and rhythmical elements.

The dramaturgy of the spectacle is built on the story of the creation of the world and the human being.

Each of the musical/theatrical pieces (most of them exclusively written for the performance) expresses different aspects of the human existence,
evolution, state of mind and spirit, philosophy, aesthetics.

The performance experiments with the believe of things being inseparable.

The different kind of art forms are used as colors of the palette of an artist, complimentary to one another playing with each other, often interchanging parts.

Furthermore, the alchemy, created between sounds, words, timbres, movements, images, colors, etc. is guiding the spectator to a point, where
everything becomes one - a unique frequency of energy.
Menada” - for voice, double bass & choreography, by Julia Tsenova

Sketch 5/12”, by Yael Acher,
text from “The Little Prince”, by Antoine de Saint Exupery, collage by Irina-Kalina Goudeva

En Ti Ta Terra” - for voice, by Jexper Holmen, lyrics by Pablo Neruda

Projection” - for double bass & electronics, by Lars Graugaard

Music for double bass and computer” - for double bass & electronics, by Cort Lippe

Arild” - for double bass & electronics, by Ejnar Kanding

Crashed the car and left us there”, by Morten Skovgaard Danielsen, text by Tom Waits ”The Ocean”,
sound file Frøde Andersen, accordion

Aemotanea” for voice & choreography, by Wayne Siegel
Visual designers:
Anders Elberling, Søren Zeuth, Olavi Linna, Ewa Skowronska Slaw
Tora Balslev

The duration of the whole show is approximately 68 minutes, without a break.