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Deep Tones For Peace Triptych - a historic event, held in 2009, featuring 13 internationally
renowned bassists, performing for peace in the Middle East: Thierry Barbe, Mark Dresser,
Trevor Dunn, Henry Grimes, Irina-Kalina Goudeva, Lindsey Horner, J. C. Jones, Michael
Klinghoffer, Chi-chi Nwanoku, William Parker, Barre Phillips, Dave Phillips, Rufus Reid,
Bert Turetzky and Sarah Weaver.

CD: SLM, by Mark Dresser and Sarah Weaver, telematic performance between Jerusalem
and New York City (49 minutes).

DVD: One and a half hour film, by Christine Baudillon and Francois Lagarde, documening
the Deep Tones events and concerts in Israel.